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Sunday, January 15, 2006

International geosentinal surveillance... Epi Inquiry Accolade 01/15/2006: Freedman et al.

[Epidemiologic Inquiry 2006, 1: 4]

For the inaugural Epi Inquiry award, it is fitting to recognize an outstanding investigation that simultaneously pays homage to the historical foundations of epidemiology...

From a large international surveillance network data on 17,353 patients , this analysis is an eminent example of geosentinel surveillance applied in classic epidemiology, to predict the probability of travelers contracting a region-specific disease. In addition to being poorly understood previously, it also has important clinical impact on helping guide diagnosis and treatment for diseases suffered by returning international travelers. This study also reminds epidemiology of the important historical roots of the field in studying the distribution of disease. In addition, this study again emphasizes that population disease transmission, today, truly occurs on a global scale.

Therefore, the editors select...
Freedman et al. NEJM Volume 354:119-130 Number 2
Spectrum of Disease and Relation to Place of Exposure among Ill Returned Travelers

for Epidemiologic Inquiry Accolade: Investigation of the Week.

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