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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Impact Factors of Cardiovascular Journals

Below are 2005 journal IMPACT FACTORS for cardiovascular disease-related journals. Visit here for general science and general clinical journal impact factors.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Circulation 11.6
Blood 10.1
Circulation Research 9.4
J Am Coll Cardiology 9.2
Eur Heart J 7.3
ATVB 7.1
Hypertension 6.3
Stroke 5.9
Cardiovascular Research 5.3
J Hypertension 5.2
Atherosclerosis 3.8
Am Heart J 3.5
Am J Hypertension 3.5
Thromb Haemost 3.1
Am J Cardiology 3.0
Eur J Cardiov Prev R 2.3

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